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WIP Playlist

I’ve been going to karaoke with my friends on Thursdays, and I’ve discovered two things: Most of my friends sing well and the music I listen to is not karaoke music. Neither of these things are startling revelations, to be honest. I get all my music from my four weird siblings, and my friends are […]

Lines Written in Awe of the Theropoda

Lines Written in Awe of the Theropoda Sharp gnashy teeth, In a fat head, With stubby little arms, And giant stompy feet. Oh, theropoda, You’re the prettiest thing, I have ever seen. -B.M. I may or may not have ordered the dinosaur hoodie from Thinkgeek that will turn my arms into the jaws of a […]

For Kirsten

Kirsten wanted to know what I was up to, tonight. Mostly, I was being bored while waiting for things to finish installing and loading, but I also made these: Yes, I am major proud of the fact that I made them with my own sewing machine, instead of borrowing the one that belongs to my […]

Costuming: Doctor Who

My friend wanted the Donna Noble dress from Doctor Who Season Four Epsidoe Two, The Fires of Pompeii.  It’s a really pretty purple gown with gold embellishment.  I opted to do a full lining, though the pattern I bought did not recommend it. Challenge: $40 spending limit. Here are two of the reference photo I […]

To Anne With Love

Every Halloween I go down the road and visit Anne, a great older lady whose grand daughter was in my class in 6th grade, and has off and on been a friend of mine ever since. She’s always got some silly new thing for me, and we sit and talk about books. She reads the […]

Brittany Maresh and the AVPS Adventure

On a leap of faith (trusting that both it would be worth it and the people I would be staying with would be who I thought they were) I flew down to Michigan to see the opening of A Very Potter Sequel last weekend. From the moment I stepped off the airplane to the moment […]

Three Pretty Little Sisters

Dear World, I have three younger sisters and they’re all really very pretty. One of them has this amazing curly hair, and another has the most toned body ever–she’s an athlete and in amazing shape and has these wide light brown eyes. The last looks a lot like our mother. They all take after my […]

Top Secret Writing Project

Dear World, Lately, I have been working on a secret project. I haven’t discussed it with anyone. Not my family, not my friends, not either of my fantastic critique groups, nobody on Absolute Write, not even my own journals. I have felt really out of touch with writers, lately, too. Isolated, like there was nobody […]

Traumatic Past versus Traumatic Present

It’s easy to start the novel with a character already badly damaged from a traumatic life. They hate the world. They’re jaded. They’re cynical. You have so many trauma triggers that just having them watch a Disney movie can send them into fits. Look, isn’t it interesting what trauma does to a character? Isn’t it […]